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  1. Use recommended number of batteries. At -15% voltage, UPS can guarantee maintaining the specified output voltage at rated load without discharging, but cannot guarantee the float charge voltage for the battery.

  2. IEC62040-3(5.2.2): UPS, at rated load, and input rated voltage 380V, without battery charging current.

  3. IEC62040-3 (5.2.2): UPS, at rated load or overload, and input rated voltage 380V, battery equalizing charging at maximum current.

  4. Set up through the special software at the backend.

  5. Factory setting is 380V, 400V or 415V, which can be set through the software.

  6. Factory setting is 50Hz; 60 Hz can be set through the software.

  7. IEC62040-3.

  8. IEC62040-3, including 0-100-0% load transient. Transient recovery time is 20ms, with an accuracy of 1%.

  9. Factory setting is 0.1 Hz/s; 1Hz/s can be set through the software.

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Low Frequency IP Master Plus (T/T) Online Double Conversion Uninterruptible Power Supply 10-800 KVA

"More resistant and more robust among all Uninterruptible Power Supplies with a built-in GALVANIC ISOLATING Transformer"

Suitable for:

  • Networking environments, such as server rooms, networking equipments, data centers or VOIP, security syatems, medical equipments, banking institutions, manufacturing industries, automation..

  • Reliability and exceptional durability thanks to its Low-Frequency Technology.

  • High level of protection: Totally isolate connected equipment of all electrical disturbances of the electrical network.

  • IGBT rectifier.

  • Anti-harmonic filter "OPTIONAL".

  • Smart battery management.

  • Stand-Alone integrated smart card.

  • Smart networking communication RS232

  • "OPTIONAL" SNMP card.

  • Built-in isolating transformer for a perfect electricity.

  • An output power factor of 0.9.

  • Energy efficiency up to 95%.



Higher energy efficiency up to 95% and with a built-in Galvanic Isolating Transformer

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