Our main business, we manufacture machines allowing you to continue working even when there are problems on the national electrical network

Cabinets to store computer equipment in the form of drawers 19 "wide.

A UPS is an electrical apparatus that provides clean electricity protection to electrical equipment against mains power fails and power disturbances. It is also a type of continual power system.

Voltage fluctuates, creating surge or under voltage conditions. But these variations can be harmful for your electrical equipment. The voltage regulator is a solution to protect them.

Give a new life to your UPS!

Most UPSes use sealed, valve-regulated, lead-acid (VRLA) batteries, which are commonly called “maintenance-free



Ipower Battery
Maintenance-Free Valve Regulated Lead-Acid Rechargeable Battery
Battery Yuasa
Maintenance-Free Lead-Acid Rechargeable Battery
CSB Battery
Maintenance-Free Valve Regulated Rechargeable Battery

Device used to physically isolate parts of the electrical network, it filters electrical noise and prevents the propagation of malfunctions.

Gamme Naïade
One phase galvanic isolation transformer
Gamme Triton
Three phase galvanic isolation tranformer
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