AVR Wall Mounts - Série Sirius AVR


AVR Sirius series ( hanging type ) servo mode AC voltage stabilizer is developed on the base of  SVC series high accuracy full-automatic AC voltage stabilizer. Compared with the original product, this  type possesses  higher quality and more functions, novel and luxurious appearance, hanging type installation for requiring small area. It forms the control system with linear integrated circuit and logical circuit, and drives the  contact  type voltage regulator to regulating automatically by controlling the servo motor. It adopts high precision  servo  voltage  stabilizing  technology  which usually is applied to industry for civilian industry product, to conquer the weakness of instantaneous  power  failure of traditional switching, and consequently realize high precision and uninterrupted stable voltage output, when the voltage from outer power network  is  not  stable,  it  also can guarantee  the top  grade  electrical  appliances  work safely  and  normally  and  prolong  their  service  lives  effectively,  it  is really the only ideal protection product for household and imported top grade electrical appliances.

For office equipment, test equipment, medical equipment, industrial automation equipment, household electrical 
appliance, lighting system, communication system, etc.

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