Data Cabinet Data cabinets

store and secure your cables

Rackmount cabinets for storing cables and computer accessories.

As the name implies, the data center is mainly used to centrally store information (datas) for companies, administrations and individuals. For example, a bank can use it to store information about its customers and resources. Almost all medium-sized companies use it and large companies often use more than one.

Data and databases have often become crucial to the functioning of businesses and society in general. An increasing number of data are called personal or sensitive data, where high levels of security and services are required from datacenters, to ensure the integrity and operation of their devices and to avoid denial of service.

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A data center is a place (and a service) of information system components of one or more companies (mainframes, servers, storage arrays, network and telecommunications, etc.). It can be internal  / or external to the company, operated or not with the support of providers1. It fulfills a critical mission related to computer science and telematics in controlled environment (air conditioning) and security (fire, theft and intrusion, etc.), with emergency and redundant power supply.

Environmental issues are linked, on one hand, to their consumption of rare or precious metals and rare earths, and, on the other hand,  the increasing consumption of electricity from all data centers, and to their co-production that is the fatal heat, dissipated by servers and storage systems in particular, but that can be a recovery energy.


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