Industrial plugs and sockets three-phase Electrical components

Industrial socket

Plug and socket outlet 
A device for the frequent coupling between a flexible cable and an electric circuit; it consists of a socket outlet and a plug.

The part designed to be connected to the electric circuit.

The part fixed or designed to be fixed to the end of a flexible cable, which is attached to an appliance or to a connector.

Cable coupler
A device for the frequent coupling between two flexible cables; it consists of a connector and a plug.

The part fixed or designed to be fixed to the end of a flexible supply cable.

Appliance coupler 
A device for the frequent coupling between a flexible cable and the appliance, it consists of a connector and an appliance inlet.

Appliance inlet
the part built into or fastened to the appliance, or designed to be fastened to it.

Flexible cable extension
a flexible cable with a connector at one end and a plug at the other.


Details of a socket


Industrial and multiphase plugs and sockets
Provide a connection to the electrical mains rated at higher voltages and currents than household plugs and sockets. They are generally used in polyphase system, with high currents, or when protection from environmental hazards is required. Industrial outlets may have weatherproof covers, waterproofing sleeves, or may be interlocked with a switch to prevent accidental disconnection of an energized plug. Some types of connectors are approved for hazardous areas such as coal mines or petrochemical plants, where flammable gas may be present.

Almost all three-phase power plugs have an earth (ground) connection, but may not have a neutral because three-phase loads such as motors do not need the neutral. Such plugs have only four prongs (earth, and the three phases).


Industrial Socket Range Red 415v

Heavy duty impact resistant with a splash proof rating of ip44
Mainly used for site work, workshops and wharehouse units. 3 phase usage in warehouse 
Industrial and high current applications - earth contact positions 4h 

NOTE: Socket will only accept matching size, no other size will fit.


Powerlocks are identified with the European harmonized colour code, they are also annotated as follows:

 Brown, L1

 Black, L2

 Grey, L3

 Blue, N

 Green, Earth

Colour Code annotation



The advantages of industrial plug and socket

Compared with the household plug and socket, the industrial products have 3 significant advantages:

1) The color code. The color of an industrial plug and socket is strictly bound with the voltage. For example, the blue products have a voltage of 200v, while the red refers to 380v. By knowing this, you can’t be wrong when choosing voltage.

2) Anti-electric shock design. For industrial plug and socket, the earth pin is longer than the positive & negative pin meaning that in any case, the application will be grounded first before it is electrified. Very safe design.

3) High protection rating. When using an industrial plug and socket, people are well protected by the material with high insolating grade so that people can’t touch the electrified parts. Needless to say, there are IP67 waterproof product which further protects people’s security in severe environment.

4) The load capacity. The household plug and socket are normally 10A, they can hardly carry 4000W power application. On the contrary, the cable of the industrial socket and plug has a sectional area of 1.5mm2. They can easily carry more KW.

5) Lifespan. For a household plug or socket, the maximum times of insertion is around 4500-5000. The industrial plug and socket, however, has an average lifespan of more than 10 years. The allowed times of insertion is up to 100,000.

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